Cario Recorded Platform Demo

A powerful all-in-one freight management solution, with the best user experience on the market. Cario seamlessly integrates with a number of ERPs and 300+ carriers to streamline your logistics operations.

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Cario will scale as your business grows, hiding the complexity of managing multiple carriers, rates, transport modes and destinations via an intuitive interface.


Cario gives you the operational visibility, data and reports needed to negotiate better rates and optimise your freight spend

  • Give your customer service teams visibility into all deliveries, regardless of the carrier used, to provide real-time answers to your customers
  • Provide branded, self-service tracking options for your customers to ease the burden on customer service teams

Can natively integrate with leading ERP, Finance and Management systems to send all your freight data to the tools that run your business day to day

Use your system or ours to manage freight

  • Add custom integrations to any business system through our API – or use our existing native integrations
  • Add additional capabilities through the widest ecosystem of transport partners' tools

Cario will simplify your warehouse operations, eliminating guesswork and manual processes

  • Make it easier for sales teams to review and select the best delivery options for any customer
  • Freight Management Software with an integrated transportation management system (Cario Connect – link) to manage all your external freight carriers and your own fleet – reducing the number of systems you need

Automate routine freight processes to optimise warehouse operations

A freight management system allows you to save time and money through automation

  • Digitise your freight management with our AI enabled Freight Management Software which provides real time information on all your supply chain movements.