Integrate NetSuite and Cario

With NetSuite running your business, it doesn’t make sense to access freight pricing, tracking and reporting from a separate system.

Cario Freight Management System’s native NetSuite plug-in enables easy access to hundreds of Australian and New Zealand carriers within minutes. This integration is simple to install and fully supported here in Australia.

With this integration, you can run your entire freight process from within NetSuite from Sales Fulfilment to Tracking to Invoicing. Get all the benefits of having a Freight Management System within the familiar environment of NetSuite and maintain a single source of data

Common Integration Scenarios:

1. Quoting

Give your customer different delivery options depending on the urgency of the order, all from within the Item Fulfilment screen of NetSuite. Delivery options could include

  • Least Cost Routing
  • Quickest Delivery time
  • Preassigned carrier and service
  • Other predefined parameters within Cario

2. Consigning

Create a new fulfilment/delivery from within NetSuite, edit fulfilment, input the consignment details and save. This will then seamlessly flow through to Cario via APIs and present carrier options within NetSuite. Select the Freight Carrier and Service to automatically generate the consignment and print the shipping label/s.

  • Associate a freight carrier or a range of carriers to a customer, all from within NetSuite.
  • The receiver address is taken from the address on the shipping tab of the Item Fulfilment document.
  • Print labels and con notes from within the NetSuite fulfilment shipping screen

3. Tracking

Freight status is automatically updated within the NetSuite Item Fulfilment screen. This includes getting the PODs ensuring your customer service team has the most up-to-date information, increasing first-time query resolution.

  • Release lots of capacity from within your customer service team and make onboarding new team members easier with less training requirements.

4. Finance

Get real-time freight costs back into NetSuite as the Fulfilment is Shipped. This will then sit against the Item Fulfilment, broken down by Freight, Fees and Total.

  • Easier invoice reconciliation once the invoice is received
  • More accurate accruals and better customer experience

By selecting “Items, you can see the items in the order from Netsuite

By selecting Cario, you can see the Connote number pulled automatically from Cario

Common data fields from NetSuite:

  • Sending Location Name
  • Receiving Location Name
  • Receiver Address
  • Reference Numbers
  • Order and Item Fulfilment Numbers
  • Carrier and Service (if defined)
  • Carrier Account Code (if defined)
  • Shipment item details including Items, Boxes, SKUs
  • Dangerous Good detail (if applicable)

Common Data sent back from Cario to NetSuite:

  • Consignment Note number
  • Tracking Link
  • Carrier and Service
  • Latest tracking event
  • Freight cost
  • ETA
  • Dispatch date