Large-scale freight operations within a business are complex. Not just for warehouse staff but also for sales, customer service and finance teams that need to interact with freight processes on a daily basis. Multiple systems can be used, but in large organisations, these processes are most often centred around an ERP system and integrated eCommerce tools.

These systems and tools are incredibly powerful and form the backbone of an organisation's finance and operations. However, when it comes to freight, they can also be inflexible and limited in their capabilities and the visibility they provide to management teams over freight operations. Especially when you add multiple carriers with different transport modes, tracking options, proof of delivery etc., for organisations trying to optimise freight spend and customer service.

Cario is advanced freight and transport management software, engineered to simplify the management of large-scale, complex freight operations for enterprise organisations. Cario can transform how your teams quote, select, book, track and trace freight across multiple carriers, but adding another application for your teams to navigate and learn can be challenging.

That’s why Cario has invested heavily in advanced integration capabilities, allowing you to bring its extensive functionality into the systems you already use.

Native Integration

Native integration means you can access advanced Cario features and functionality directly from within your ERP, WMS or eCommerce system. Cario can natively integrate with leading ERP and eCommerce systems, including:

Custom Integration

If you’re using a system not listed here, you can also utilise our Restful API to build a custom integration to share data and provide visibility over your operations with your core business systems, while still using the Cario interface to manage your freight.

We also have data export options if using an API isn’t an option for your business.

Got questions?

What Cario capabilities can be accessed natively within your ERP or eCommerce application?

Accurate Quoting

You can validate both sender and receiver addresses and enter all the consignment details (like the number of items, item type, weight and dimensions) to generate accurate quotes from available Cario’s huge list of Carriers and Services.

Easy Consignment Creation

The same data used for quoting can be used to create a consignment with your chosen freight Carrier and service.

Freight Labelling

Once you’ve created a consignment, you can print exactly the right labels to affix to your freight, ensuring accurate Carrier tracking.

Manifest Consignments to Carriers

Once your consignments have been created, freight data is transferred to the Carrier to alert them to the booking and organise a pickup request.

Tracking and Proof of Delivery

Full integration with Cario ensures tracking and POD’s can be viewed in real-time within your existing ERP, saving hours of your customer service people’s time searching carrier websites.