About Us

Freight in Australia is complex.

Freight in Australia is complex. With our vast distances and terrains from desert to urban, different freight companies emerged to meet regional and local demands, solving the most pressing challenges in those regions.

This resulted in an extremely fragmented, distributed market with over 10,000 domestic freight carriers for a country with a population equivalent to just 0.33% of the total world population.

The impact? A lack of transparency and very manual processes for businesses trying to compare pricing, freight options and service levels, then book, track and trace consignments and most importantly keep customers happy.

Australian businesses were demanding more visibility, easier-to-manage, automated freight solutions that could provide customers with a seamless delivery experience regardless of location.

As a team of long-time supply chain professionals and technologists, we wanted to solve these challenges and help businesses turn freight from a cost centre to a competitive differentiator and business enabler.

And Cario was born!

We’re immensely proud of this cloud-based software we’ve fully developed in Australia to solve the unique complexities of our market. Cario is advanced freight and transport management software, engineered to simplify the management of large-scale, complex freight operations for enterprise organisations.

It’s designed to give you full transparency, control and automation over your supply chain while still being simple to operate and manage. It can run stand-alone or integrate fully with your ERP or eCommerce platform and has changed the way over 1000 companies now manage their freight.