Freight Management Software to digitise your distribution

Choose the carriers you want, eliminate warehouse decisions, and grow with systems not people.

Automate your distribution with smart shipping software

BYO freight rates

Easy to integrate

Set up with a few clicks

Simple training online

Sending your freight should be simple.
But there’s a problem…

Parcels and Pallets require different carriers and different systems
Fulfilment costs are increasing faster than revenue
Human error is costing money
I rely heavily on one carrier which is a risk with cyber attacks and Covid-19
I can’t easily see or analyse my freight data or costs
Manually comparing freight costings between carriers takes too much time
We get a lot of calls from customers tracking freight
My customer service are confused who we sent what package with

Cario helps you automate freight decisions and take control of your order fulfillment

Select the right freight carrier every time

System driven freight decisions to optimise what’s important (ie. price or service)

Access to all your freight carriers, through the one system

Cost insights and real time analytics

Remove manual operations out of warehouse and standardise.

Getting started with Cario is easy

Contact us to get an account set up

Bring your own rates

Start sending freight through Cario

Multi Carrier Despatch and Shipping

Bring your own freight rates

Compare multiple freight carriers

Optimise based on price or service in real time

Track all freight in the one system

Automate based on business rules ie/ lowest cost

Run your business with data not people

Transparent real time freight data and analytics

Make data driven decisions by customer

Create alerts on key metrics

Monitor your deliveries by exceptions

Understand cost to service by customer

Enable your customers to self serve with branded track and trace

Automate your freight process within your environment

Quick, easy implementation

On-site support to work with your local IT team

Trusted by 1000’s of Australian and Multi National Companies

Local offices in Sydney and Melbourne

Open API library – extensive local support to integrate and automate as required

How can you control freight costs, and delight your customers?

Many businesses wonder why freight is so difficult?

In Australia, businesses need choice with their freight provider, whether it be for different products, different services, different locations, or just to have redundancy.

By utilising multiple carriers, businesses can choose the right carrier each time.

But choice means complexity in different systems, different processes, different customer experiences.

How do you provide this in an automated, smart way, so the cost of using multiple carriers doesn’t outweigh the benefits?

How do you automate so you can grow with systems, not people.

Cario is about mastering your distribution.

Cario enables you to create system driven freight decisions, so you can optimise based on price or service.

Cario brings all of your freight carriers together in the one system, with your own freight rates.

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Cario has helped us to reduce our freight costs, whilst improving operational efficiencies across our warehouse. We now run with less, and do more.”

— Milton, Supply Chain Manager Melbourne