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Our powerful calculator accurately measures the gross emissions of your multifaceted freight activities.

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Gain a clear understanding of your freight carbon footprint

Your modes of transportation, shipping volumes, service types, carriers, utilisation patterns and delivery legs all impact your freight carbon footprint, and ultimately the climate. The Cario Freight Carbon Calculator’s powerful algorithm calculates the carbon emissions generated by your complex freight operations, and recommends offsets to help your organisation make a positive impact on the environment.

Case Study:

Dandenong Distributor Centre

We used the Cario Freight Carbon Calculator to measure the carbon emissions of a single-day freight volume from their Dandenong hub to multiple state warehouses.

500kg pallets to Perth via rail
500kg pallets to Sydney via road
6kg parcels to Brisbane via air

Total Carbon emitted:
Trees planted to offset this freight emission:
32 trees

Note: This example is simplified for demonstration purposes

How the Cario Freight Carbon Calculator works

Share your freight data

Provide us with one month of your raw freight data, including pick-up and delivery locations, transport modes, service type, cubic dimensions, and weight of the items.

Intelligent carbon analysis

Our sophisticated algorithm analyses the data, taking into account various factors to calculate your Scope 3 carbon emissions in kilograms, or Scope 1 if you run your own fleet.

Offset calculation

Based on the calculated emissions, the Cario Freight Carbon Calculators shows how much Co2 is emitted by each vehicle type, given size and the portion of the load, and determines what is required to offset your impact.

Accurate emission measurement

Get a precise measurement of carbon emissions generated by your freight operations, and gain a clear understanding of your environmental impact.

Make informed decisions

By analysing crucial freight data, business leaders can optimise logistics processes by considering cost, ETAs and Co2 emissions before consigning freight.

Offset with ease

Our calculator estimates the number of trees needed to offset your impact, making it easy to take action and contribute to environmentally sustainable practices.

Compliance and reporting

Meet reporting requirements and align with sustainability initiatives to stay in line with industry standards and best practices.

The path to sustainable logistics starts with Cario

Share a month of freight data and we'll provide a complimentary evaluation. Take control of your environmental impact and drive positive change.

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Frequently asked questions

The Cario Freight Carbon Calculator uses a sophisticated algorithm to determine the carbon emitted for different transport methods. To calculate your carbon emissions and determine the number of trees needed for offsetting, simply provide us with one month of freight data. Our algorithm will then analyse crucial information - including pick-up and delivery locations, transport mode, service type, cubic dimensions, and weight of the items - to calculate how much Co2 is emitted per consignment for freight businesses across Australia.

Absolutely. The Cario Freight Carbon Calculator accommodates both multi-carrier situations and single-carrier solutions, including your own fleets. The algorithm considers different modes of transport - rail, road and air - and can be applied to multi-carrier or single carrier scenarios. It also ingests and analyses the intricacies of various transport modes, service types, truck types, and delivery legs to provide you with precise carbon emission calculations.

Given the complexity of freight data and complexity of the algorithms required to make sense of the data, the Cario Freight Carbon Calculator has been many years in the making. The first calculator prototype was developed in partnership with Swinburne University PhD students in 2020. Since then, significant ongoing development and investment has made the Cario Freight Carbon Calculator what it is today, a highly accurate carbon measurement tool for measuring freight impact. You can learn more about our development process here.

It’s best practice to compensate for our climate impact by offsetting emissions. The Cario Freight Carbon Calculator supports your company's sustainability goals by enabling you to accurately measure your carbon emissions and understand your environmental impact. By gaining insights into your freight operations, you can make informed decisions to reduce emissions, align with industry best practices, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Scope 1 emissions cover all direct emissions that originate from sources directly owned or controlled by your organisation, for example, your own freight fleet. Scope 3 emissions, on the other hand, include the carbon emissions resulting from freight activities not owned or controlled by your organisation. These emissions are indirect and occur throughout the supply chain.