Cario Connect

Cario’s Transport Management System (TMS) App

Cario Connect is an all-in-one driver-based mobile app designed to streamline the management of your own fleet deliveries. Our integrated app seamlessly combines both third-party carriers and your own fleet operations with Cario Freight Management software, eliminating the need for multiple software platforms.

Why Choose Cario Connect?

One Solution, Endless Possibilities:

Companies often seek the combined benefits of using third-party freight carriers in combination with their own delivery fleet for better freight coverage. With Cario Connect, you can effortlessly manage both Freight Management and Transport Management through a single platform, ensuring a consistent and streamlined customer experience.

Control the Last Mile Delivery

Using your own delivery fleet lets you take charge of that crucial last-mile delivery experience. A positive last touchpoint greatly influences customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

Flexible and Cost-effective

Maintaining a delivery fleet can be expensive and challenging, especially for businesses with a nationwide presence. Cario Connect enables you to strike the perfect balance by seamlessly integrating third-party freight carriers with your own fleet, optimising efficiency and minimising costs.

On-the-go Efficiency

Cario Connect is available on the App Store. Once downloaded, you can log in with your existing Cario details and easily manage all your daily activities in one place. Work wherever and have everything synchronised in real-time with the Cario platform.

Effortless Order Management

Effortless Order Management: Receive daily consignments or orders directly from Cario or scan barcodes to access each consignment swiftly.

Comprehensive Tracking

Add tracking events such as "Collected from sender," "Onboard Linehaul," or "Delivered" by scanning, providing complete visibility throughout the delivery process.

Signature Confirmation

Capture Proof of Delivery (POD) signatures with our Sign on Glass capability, instantly recorded as an event and POD within Cario.

Download Cario Connect

Download Cario Connect from the App Store or Google Play and simplify your freight management and transport management challenges.