Our Story

We started Cario in 2018, with a vision to make freight simpler and smarter for all companies. In Australia freight can be complex, too expensive, not transparent and too manual. We wanted a freight platform to help you run your business – we believe freight should be an enabler for business, and not just a cost centre.

Our vision was a single system that simplified the quoting, booking and tracking of freight through multiple providers – providing real time visibility of all your consignments and all your freight costs.

We brought together some really smart people, who had been in freight technology most of their lives. We challenged them to take all of their freight experience, and build a smarter freight system, taking advantage of the many new technologies now available.

The result, Cario, is a modern, powerful Software as a service (SaaS) platform, designed to help you have full transparency and control over your supply chain. Giving freight control back to you.

You choose the freight carriers you want to use

You input your freight rates

You select the routes you want to send freight to

You analyse and review your freight data whenever you want to

Take control of your supply chain, with a transparent, optimised and smarter freight platform.