What is Cario?

Cario is a leading Freight Management Platform, providing a single solution that integrates and connects companies that ship products, with freight carriers that deliver them. Our multi-carrier platform enables companies to have a single solution to manage all their supply chain. Online real time quoting, comparison between freight carriers, booking, labelling, and track and trace all through the one system, makes freight easy.

How do I get started?

Contact us today, and we will help you get set up straight away. Set up is easy, requiring just your freight rates and carriers to be loaded. This can be self service or we can do this on your behalf. Once this is complete, you are ready to start comparing carriers, quoting freight jobs, consigning, booking and tracking your freight. 

Which Carriers does Cario use?

Cario is integrated to over 150 different freight carriers. We are an independent system, and always open to integrating to more freight carriers. If there is a carrier that you would like to use that we are not yet connected to, let us know. We will then work with that carrier to get them onto our system, assuming they have the technical capabilities to enable us to electronically connect to them. Examples of intergrated carriers include StarTrack, TNT, Toll, Border Express, Couriers Please and many many more.

Is Cario a freight broker?

No. Cario is a technology system that enables you to manage your freight independently. You load your freight rates and choose the carriers you want to use. We are not a broker, and we do not provide you with any specific carriers to use. If you do want a freight broker to help you negotiate and manage your freight, we do have access to some whom use our system and will provide Cario to you as part of their service.

What training and support does Cario offer?

Cario is designed to be a cost effective, self service system. It has been designed to be very easy to use and intuitive. We do however, have a team of consultants available to help train and integrate more complex solutions. Our teams are based in Melbourne and Sydney, and can travel as required.

Can I integrate Cario into my supply chain systems?

Yes. Cario can be integrated into your existing supply chain systems, enabling complete order data to flow directly from your systems into Cario. This reduces the time, costs and errors associated with manual double entry of data. The Cario team have integrated with a range of ERP and Warehouse Management Systems including SAP, Pronto, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics and many more.

What are the 3 main ways to access Cario’s Transport Management System platform?
  1. API’s. Cario has open API’s, which can be integrated with your internal applications, such as your existing ERP, WMS or ordering system.
  2. Shopping Cart integrations. Cario has ready-made adaptors which enable you to connect many common Shopping carts to Cario with minimal input from IT.
  3. Web Interface. Cario is a SaaS solution, available to be accessed directly with just an internet connection – online.cario.com.au


Does Cario providing tracking from the various freight carriers?

Yes, absolutely. Cario is designed so you can not only consign from one system but also receive all of your tracking and proof of delivery information in one system. Scan updates and Proof of Deliveries are updated on a very regular basis to ensure you have one source of domestic freight visibility, regardless of the carrier used.

What is the cost?

Cario is a consignment based charge, set at a monthly fee. As part of the quoting process, the Cario team will learn more about your consignment quantities and design a solution based on this. There can be a one off set up cost for more complex on-boarding requirements. Additional consulting is charged at an hourly or daily rate for custom work like integrations.

Take control of your supply chain, with a transparent, optimised and smarter freight platform.