Outgrown your despatch platform?

Cario gives you uber-like visibility and control for fully optimised and scalable logistics

  • Combine B2B and B2C in one seamless platform
  • Integrate fleet management (TMS) and interstate/3rd party carriers (FMS) into a unified system
  • Achieve total visibility of your fleet for last-mile deliveries with 3rd party carriers
  • Reconcile every carrier invoice automatically and show discrepancies to action

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This tailored demonstration shows how Cario’s powerful freight management platform handles everything from quoting, booking and manifesting, through to AI-resolved delivery issues and carbon reporting.

The best freight management experience on the market


Choose carriers

Choose from 300+ carriers

Get your product to customers by comparing all freight charges across multiple B2B and B2C carriers including tailgate, residential, hand unload, time slot, dangerous goods and more.


Seamless integrations

Natively integrate Cario with leading ERP, Finance and Management systems to send all your freight data to the tools that run your business day to day.



Automate the management of invoices

Reconcile third-party carrier invoices with expected charges, handle carrier credits, and integrate with your accounting system to save on the 3-5% of freight charges typically found to be incorrect.


Optimise deliveries with a rules-based engine

Automate the selection of delivery services for consignments based on predefined criteria such as receiver details, location, and shipment characteristics, enabling tailored and efficient freight management.


Dealer portal

A dealer portal for enhanced experiences

Provide stores and distribution centres with full visibility to track orders - and only theirs - within the network at any time. Customers higher up in the supply chain can view the status of their orders in real time too.


Turn data into actionable insights

Access intuitive built-in dashboards to compare freight performance metrics, find delivery exceptions that need to be managed and support data-based decision making.

AI for proactive and reactive management

Reactive management

AI for proactive and reactive management

Cario's AI proactively solves potential delivery issues and reactively addresses customer enquiries by autonomously retrieving and providing necessary information, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Cario app

On-the-go efficiency with the Cario app

The Cario Connect app seamlessly combines both third-party carriers and your own fleet operations with Cario Freight Management software, and includes a Chain of Responsibility checklist, precise delivery notifications and an Uber-like view of deliveries in real-time.



See and act on emissions

Accurately measure and compare carbon impact across carriers, states, or internal accounts at any time, including estimates at booking. Cario is focused on assessing Scope 3 emissions, and Scope 1 for your own fleets.


Recognised as the green logistics platform

The Cario platform’s sustainability capabilities are supported by our status as a Climate Active organisation and commendations through the ASCLA Sustainability award.

Your own Cario trial account

Sometimes you just need to try out software to get a feel for its capabilities and how it might fit within your organisation. Request a free xx day trial to evaluate the complete Cario’s experience.

The best freight management experience on the market

Standard features

Unique Cario features

Icon study

Multi carrier quoting, booking and manifesting

Icon landing

Proactive real-time ETA notifications

B2b standard 2

International carrier support

Icon fragile

Damaged goods control with photos during transit and available live in Cario

B2b standard 3

Customer SMS and email (ASN) notifications

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Carbon measurement and reporting

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eCommerce and ERP integrations

Icon forum

AI support to anticipate and solve delivery issues and customer enquiries

Icon returns

300+ carrier integrations

Icon control

Management of external contractors with Chain of Responsibility checklist for every driver

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