6 tips to consigning freight through Cario FMS

Below are 6 helpful tips when consigning through our Transport management system, these tips are designed to utilise Cario and assist you with getting your freight delivered sooner rather than later.

Tip 1.

When creating a connote through our Transport Management software try and make sure the contact name and number is on the connote for the receiver, this way the carrier can contact the receiver if they require more information.

Tip 2.

Are your goods Dangerous Goods? This tip is important; if you don’t enter in your DGs more than likely your freight will be held causing delays and headaches for both the sender and receiver. When you enter your DGs into the Transport Management software it will give you the carriers that can move dangerous Goods.

Tip 3.

Some companies work from home so the delivery address is residential, don’t forget to click on “residential” when filling in the delivery address. In most cases, a carrier will match the signage to the delivery address, to prevent delays click on that box.

Tip 4.

If you freight is required on a certain date, please allow enough time to send the goods out. Delays can happen that are out of our control like late line hauls, to prevent your consignment from being delayed send it out earlier to be in the receiving depot and add the instructions in the “Special Instructions” field.

Tip 5.

We use centimetres, not millimetres, when adding your shipment dimensions & weight, check you have the correct details in there as you may be under quoted or over quoted or not quoted at all.

Tip 6.

Our pickup times in our freight management system is automatically booked in between 9 AM – 5:30 PM, to prevent missed pickups always ensure the correct opening times are changed and allow a 3hour window for pickups.

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