The Advantages of Using A Multi-Carrier Shipping Solution

To the average consumer, shipping goods seem pretty straightforward. All you need to do is find a carrier, request a quotation based on the weight, distance, size and delivery duration, pay the carrier and drop off the package and the carrier takes care of the rest of the work for you.

For companies, this is a whole different ballgame. Competition has become a lot more fierce now that clients could purchase their goods from anywhere in the country and get these goods delivered with ease. The only businesses that survive in this modern digital world are those that offer superior service and who get the goods out the door and delivered to the client’s door as quickly as possible.

Using a multi-carrier freight company is the only freight solution that modern-day businesses can afford and truly rely on to get their goods delivered on time.

What Is Multi-Carrier Shipping?

Multi-carrier shipping is the opposite of single-carrier shipping or of owning your own freight division. This involves using multi-carrier shipping software that can compare quotes of various shipping carriers. The client can then choose the best available carrier to handle the cargo and the same software is used to keep track of the freight proceedings.

Carriers used in these shipping solutions are quite affordable because they are not just handling loads for one single company. They work hard to gain enough clients to fill the truck or van loads before heading out to certain destinations for delivery. In these delivery destinations, the carrier is once again loaded with returning goods that are then delivered back to the prior or other regions.

What Are The Benefits Of Using These Carriers?

Using multi-carrier companies offers your business lots of positive benefits. Here are a few of the best reasons to switch over to this shipping solution;


Carriers that collaborate with multi-carrier shipping companies are highly competitive and as such offer the most affordable price.

Enhanced efficiency

Multi-carrier solutions are much more efficient. Shipments can be outsourced to many available carriers and they are all too eager to help.

As a result, packages are sent out for delivery much quicker.

Regulations and compliances are automated

In the logistics industry, there are hundreds of regulations and it can be quite frustrating for senders, carriers, and receivers as well as others that work in the logistics industry to work through all of this paperwork and to ensure that protocol is followed. With multi-carrier solutions, most of the processes are reduced due to advanced software which reduces paperwork frustrations.

Data is consolidated

All data is processed using a single software program. As a result, all information regarding a shipment is easily monitored and everyone responsible for the delivery of a shipment can easily keep track of the order. Paperwork is also reduced since everything is consolidated in one single virtual file.

Reduced chances of error

All logistics are handled by advanced logistics software. This software eliminates many concerns within the freight industry and reduces the chances of making errors tremendously.

More control for the sender

Senders have much more control over their shipments when they use these shipping solutions. This is because they can pick and choose from a greater variety of carriers, they can keep track of shipments easily and last-minute changes to the game plan can be implemented much easier.

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