Sweet logistics success

The logistical innovation and efficiency that put your favourite products in the confectionary aisle of many Australian supermarkets - courtesy of GC Brands and Cario.


warehouses across Australia


3rd Party logistics model


to major and minor supermarkets


on consistent and reliable supply


Faced with intricate logistical challenges in importing and distributing their diverse product range across Australia, GC Brands sought a more comprehensive logistics solution. Their operations encompassed a wide range of retailers, including major and minor supermarkets, necessitating precise coordination. Collaboration with distribution centres added to the complexity, which saw the brand dealing with delayed deliveries and poor communication from their previous logistics provider. In response, GC Brands adopted the Cario platform supported by Freight People, a choice that would completely eradicate their logistical issues and deliver significant positive outcomes.

Some of the issues we’ve had with other transport companies are: lack of communication, waiting over a week to receive PODs, late deliveries and not meeting their bookings. With Cario we have communication back to us within 20 minutes on any orders or questions, our PODs are there for us to see as soon as the items are delivered, and if we have any issues, someone is there to help us straight away.”

- Kathryn Carey, Customer Relations Manager, GC Brands


INTEGRATION – The Cario platform facilitated a seamless integration between GC Brands' Pronto ERP system and their warehouse partner, The Consortium Clemenger’s (TCC), Order Management System, S2.

PRECISION - To meet the strict demands of Australia's largest supermarkets, the Cario platform was tailored to ensure precise delivery within allocated timeslots.

DEPLOYMENT - Our team successfully integrated GC Brands’ carriers and implemented Cario in just two weeks, to streamline carrier choices and introduce time-saving automation capabilities.

TIME & COST SAVINGS - GC Brands saved substantial time across operations and a 25% cost reduction compared to their previous broker, while contributing to a vastly improved customer experience.

Cario has been amazing. It's so easy to work with - from our warehouse staff booking in deliveries to myself and our team tracking any of the deliveries. We can easily update any events, any pricing. We can bulk upload any of our customer details. It keeps track of any products that we do use multiple times so we're not having to upload the same data all the time.
- Kathryn Carey, Customer Relations Manager, GC Brands