Effortless order fulfillment

How Unitex took their labour-intensive order fulfilment processes from manual to automated perfection.

Bulky item

pick process


containers managed a year


rugs shipped a month


distribution centre in Sydney


distribution network


To improve the warehousing, retailer and customer experience, Unitex needed to completely rethink their supply chain processes. They required a solution flexible enough to streamline the time consuming pick process for bulky rugs, improve the order lodgement process for retail stores, boost delivery cost visibility, and establish post-dispatch information flow for better customer service.

“It’s not uncommon to ship 1,000 items in a day. That’s why it’s important to have our labels printed in a very concise order. As the business expanded, the time-consuming component of sorting hundreds of labels became very cumbersome. We needed a scalable solution that we could implement easily, that grew with the business.”
Afshin Nejadiran, Director, Unitex International


TECHNOLOGY – The Cario platform wrapped around their existing ERP and integrated very tightly with existing infrastructure

CUSTOMISATION – All content on printed labels was customised making error-checking and correction a cinch

EFFICIENCY – Automatic detection of errors and suggested corrections on uploaded raw delievery data, ensuring effortless and accurate parcel routing

COST – Prior to implementing the Cario system, it would take three people two hours to sort 2,000 labels. Now there’s virtually no sorting required

“Integrating with the Cario platform was seamless, quick and highly customisable which is what our business needed. The Cario Team were very easy to work with, they understood the business and produced a highly-tailored solution to our needs.”
Afshin Nejadiran, Director, Unitex International