Freight Management System: Everything You Need To Know

The benefits of a freight software platform are endless, and although the market is full of different transport systems, they all need five key features to ensure the desired outcome is met.

First characteristic is Functionality

  • Whether your warehouse has an internal transport /pick and pack program, the Freight software must integrate or communicate with the program to take orders in real time and convert them in consignments
  • It has to allow for multiple users with different roles

Second characteristic is Multiple Freight Services

  • Access to all ways of transport for all your freight (Air, Sea, Rail, Road)
  • Ability to have multiple carriers for each service

Third characteristic is Automation

  • Bulk uploads (upload a high number of orders, creating consignments with one file)
  • Printing labels
  • Tracking consignments
  • Resourceful reports
  • Reconciliation of invoices for all shipments(all carriers)
  • Option to compare rates on various carriers

Fourth characteristic is Setup Process

  • The setup and integration time should be simple and intuitive
  • The internal changes or help your IT or warehouse need to provide should be minimal
  • On-sitelocal tech support should be available as required – integrations into existing business systems can require expertise

Fifth characteristic is Price

  • Many freight management software platforms are volume based, with unit pricing decreasing as volume increases
  • The indirect savings realised through automation and digitisation of a Freight Management system should outweigh any costs of implementation,

Cario, an Australian freight management system, built in 2019, has all these, and more. Call us today to see how Cario Transport Management system can help your business thrive.