How the Pandemic Could Affect the Future of Logistics

Businesses all over the world have started to embrace digital transformation now that the pandemic has transformed the way we do things. The pandemic has made a huge difference in the way logistics industries go about handling their freight. With no cure for the Covid-19 in sight just yet, these changes are bound to affect the future of logistics. Luckily, not all the expected changes are bad for those who use an advanced freight company. Here is a quick look at some of the biggest changes that are likely to result from the pandemic.

Only Flexible Digital Transformation Derived Businesses Will Flourish

The pandemic has instantly altered the demand for specific goods which have impacted lots of businesses. Only businesses that leveraged digital transformations and that were flexible enough to switch over to a different product were able to stay operational during world-wide lockdowns. The same goes for freight industries. Only those that were flexible enough to alter their operational methods to suit the health regulations required were able to stay operational.

In the future, not only those who were flexible but also those who leveraged digital transformation are going to survive. This is because more businesses are switching over to digital solutions in order to stay operational. They, in return, will only co-operate with freight industries and carriers that leverage these digital transformations because it smooth’s operations and enhances the safety of those at both the sending and receiving side of deliveries.

Businesses that have yet to begin their digital transformation will be at a disadvantage to freight companies that already use modern software and it certainly will be hard for them to catch up since it does take some time for companies to fully convert.

New Digital Transformation Platforms Will Have a Tough Time Surviving

New digital transformation platforms and software are constantly showing up as more and more programmers attempt to create a newer and more effective solution. These new platforms have always been at a disadvantage compared to established platforms because it does take a while for these platforms to mature and function effectively.

In the past, only 17% of new digital platforms were able to survive the competitive dynamics of the freight industry.

The pandemic will make it even harder for new platforms to survive. This is because more businesses will be more reluctant to try a new platform that poses a risk of exposure to the pandemic which can have a ripple effect in the company. They will much more likely cling to tried and trusted platforms that already have the correct systems in place.

Artificial Intelligence May Take a Step Back

Lots of modern businesses leverage AI because this software can ease many operational processes and greatly reduces the labour force required for various tasks.

But from now on we might see a decline in the popularity of AI. This is because AI cannot accurately predict the outcome or scenarios of a pandemic because there has never been such a huge historical precedent as our current COVID-19 disaster. AI cannot consider history over the past 100 years or the effects that the virus might have on sales, company growth, and human responses. Humans will once again have to make the final call and will have to step in and assist wherever AI might fall short.

Freight Broker Australia

The pandemic certainly had a huge impact on various industries. And yet, it seems that industries like Freight Broker Australia that already leveraged digital transformation many years ago won’t be affected by this pandemic quite as much. Businesses can rest assured that they will still receive the best possible care and service despite the ongoing chaos.