How to Choose Freight Management Software?

How to Choose Freight Management Software

The right Freight Management Software has the ability to optimise your supply chain and improve the way you deliver to your customers.

But how do you choose the right solution for your business?

In this article, we’ll explore what Freight Management Software is, and the key features you should be looking for to ensure you implement the best freight software solution.

What is Freight Software?

Freight Management Software takes the complexity of Australian freight and simplifies it, by integrating with your existing ERP, WMS or business system to provide a seamless, optimised freight management experience for your business.

No matter how many carriers you rely on, the right freight software will allow you to compare quotes, book services, track and trace your shipments, reconcile invoicing, and report on any area of your supply chain to optimise delivery to your customers.

What Should You Look For In A Freight Management System Service Provider?

Choosing the right Freight Management System provider is critical to ensuring that your freight software does exactly what you need it to do.

Your freight software partner should take into consideration your existing warehouse and supply chain requirements, and then customise your freight software to meet your unique needs – including the way it integrates with your existing ERP or business software.

It should be agile and flexible enough to scale and grow as your business does and include
key features such as:

Multi Carrier Shipping

Freight Management Software should give you the ability to manage multiple carriers so you can quote, compare, book, and track freight with any carrier, all from one standardised interface.

You should also be able to add, change and remove the carriers you want to work with across any type of freight, including changing carriers without needing to change your internal warehouse systems or processes.

It should be easy to compare carrier prices and ETAs so you can optimise your customer
experience based on the type of freight, urgency, and price point.

Integration With Your Supply Chain

Your freight won’t be quite the same as any other organisation’s freight. This means you want your freight software to be flexible enough that it can integrate with any existing system your business currently runs and without having to make major
changes to your freight or warehouse processes.

Lots of freight software solutions are rigid in how they fit into your business. So, make sure the Freight Management Software you choose is completely customisable to your requirements.

Reporting And Analytics

One of the biggest benefits of implementing a Freight Management solution into your business is the access it gives you to real-time reporting.

Many companies aren’t able to track how much they spend on freight. They see the bills go out, but they aren’t able to trace costs back to a particular state, shipment or receiver.

When you don’t know who you’re sending freight to and why, you can’t ask the questions that help your business scale and grow.

But the right freight software will deliver reporting that allows you to do just that.

If you know you’re spending lots of money sending freight to Perth, you can review whether
it’s worth opening a warehouse there.

You’ll be able to see if you’re too slow delivering orders and whether that’s having an impact on customer reorders.

You’ll be able to identify specific trends that will allow you to make strategic decisions around your freight spend. Do you have customers that are eating into your profit simply because of how their orders are being sent?

Having access to the reporting Freight Management Software can deliver, puts you in a position to optimise your supply chain, and act quickly on trends that impact your business.

Benefits Of Using Cario Within Your Organisation

When it comes to choosing Freight Management Software for your business, Cario is at the forefront of freight technology.

Able to scale as your business grows, Cario hides the complexity of managing multiple carriers, rates, transport modes, and destinations via an intuitive interface, that will unlock the power of freight in your business.

Designed to give you full transparency, control and automation over your supply chain while still being simple to operate and manage, Cario can run as a stand-alone piece of freight software or integrate fully with your ERP or eCommerce platform.

It’s fully customisable and has changed the way over 1000 companies manage their freight.

Built by a team with more than 30 years of experience in the Australian freight industry, Cario was built with Australian businesses and supply chains in mind. We know freight – and we’ve built a piece of technology around our understanding of how carriers work, how freight is priced, and how to optimise your supply chain.

Discover More About Cairo Freight Management Software

Cario will help your business optimise delivery outcomes, make data-driven decisions and improve the way you manage your entire supply chain.

If you’d like to find out how we can transform the way your business handles freight through features like multi-carrier shipping, seamless integration and real-time reporting, get in touch with our team today.