Logistics in the FMCG Industry – Move Goods Quickly!

The fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market is a diverse global industry. It deals with a variety of retail freight ranging from perishable and non-perishable to durable and non-durable items. These goods, such as food, drugs, and personal care items, are sold directly to consumers at a fast rate.

Key players include multinational corporations, but thousands of independent businesses that produce their products also play a major role.

Over the years, the growth rate for this sector has been consistently higher than others. This is due to the ability of the FMCG industry to innovate faster than other industries through technological advancements. One example of this is the use of e-commerce platforms. These platforms allow consumers access from anywhere in the world at any time on any device.

FMCG companies are in a constant state of change. These companies operate on tight timelines, which means an efficient transportation management system is critical. This way, they can make sure the products reach their target audience in the most cost-effective manner possible.

How Perishable Goods Are Transported Across the Globe

The focus of FMCG companies is on delivering value through innovation. Throughout the process, it is vital to maintain long-term brand loyalty by providing the best possible customer experience at every touch point in the value chain.

An FMCG business can achieve this by ensuring perishable goods are delivered safely and promptly to the right customer. To do this, reliable perishable freight transportation that assists with the following tasks is necessary.

Data-Driven Fleet Management

Managing fast-moving consumer goods using data allows you to make better decisions. Data-driven fleet management software helps you do this by providing insights into the relationships between your inventory and customers, as well as the performance of individual drivers.

The result? You can make smarter decisions about how to move products quickly and efficiently. This leads to optimised operations and better customer experience, which will translate to greater profit for your company over time.

Refrigerated Transport Service

Refrigerated transport service is a key component of FMCG and retail logistics, particularly those involving perishable retail freight. It is extremely critical in upholding safety standards.

Refrigeration helps maintain the temperature of products during transport, which in turn helps reduce spoilage and waste. It ensures your perishable items remain bacteria-free, which is vital to preventing foodborne illness.

The use of refrigerated transport service can help you save time and money by reducing your storage costs by up to 50%.

Optimal Cargo Placement

Shipping costs are a huge part of any FMCG business. Companies need to find ways to optimise product delivery at the lowest cost possible.

Optimal cargo placement is integral to the effective transport of perishable goods. It involves evaluating the capacity of the transport service and planning the arrangement and placement of retail freight in the cargo space.

The most common factors that impact optimal cargo placement include the weight of individual loads, the maximum safe stacking height, and the placement method of each package.

Determining the optimal placement of all your cargo can help you save time, increase efficiency, and optimise costs.

FMCG & Retail Logistics – Why It Is So Important

The retail and FMCG industries are in constant need of fresh products. This means that these industries are dependent on logistics to help them achieve their goals. Let’s look at the role of retail logistics in supply chains to understand its importance.

The growth of retail and FMCG industries is driven by many factors, including changing consumer preferences, new technologies, and the increasing demand for convenience goods. The need to deliver fast-moving consumer goods and retail freight at a faster rate without compromising on quality has led to an increased focus on logistics within the supply chain.

In a supply chain, the link between producers and consumers is the logistics function. This function is essential for companies to deliver goods and services to consumers in the best possible manner.

Logistics also helps to store, distribute, and deliver products in an organised way, so that they reach their destination on time. It is often seen as a vital part of any business, helping them reduce costs, improve efficiency, and maintain high-quality standards.

How Freight Management Software Benefits the FMCG & Retail Industries

FMCG companies are constantly looking for ways to improve their supply chain. They want to reduce costs and increase profits, but also ensure that the products they sell are of the highest quality possible.

Due to the size and scope of the industry, freight management software is crucial in helping companies manage their distribution and supply chains more effectively. Freight management software provides real-time information about inventory levels, transportation costs, delivery times, and more.

By automating your processes, efficient logistics software eliminates repeated entries, data entry errors, and duplicate billing from carriers. It removes the need for manual input of orders and invoices and other costly and time-consuming tasks. It is also vital for FMCG companies to find ways to optimise product delivery at the lowest cost possible.

Efficient freight management software reduces the risk of fraud by enabling real-time monitoring of the supply chain and helps you to reduce costs due to poor documentation or errors in shipping documents.

Why Choose Cario to Manage Your FMCG and Retail Freight

The importance of retail logistics in the FMCG and retail industries cannot be underestimated. For logistics to be efficient, it requires effective transportation management to deliver fast-moving and perishable goods on time and in good condition.

To manage your FMCG logistics, you need to know how to optimise product delivery at the lowest cost possible. This is where a solution comes into play. The best way to do this is by integrating a reliable freight management software solution into your system.

Cario is Australia’s most advanced freight management software and transport system that digitises your distribution and makes freight management simple.

Cario provides the best flexibility and features to optimise your business processes. It automates your operations and eliminates warehouse decisions, enabling faster and better decisions that improve your bottom line.

Take out the complex and manual part of Australia freight and run your business with full transparency and control over your supply chain today! Contact Cario to discover how.