Why A Multi Carrier Shipping System Saves You Time and Money

No matter how amazing they are, no single carrier can be and do all things for their customers.

That is why businesses need to step up, especially nowadays when the pressure to ship goods promptly is required to meet the swelling demands of customers. Here, a multi-carrier dispatch system is necessary—no, it is vital. This system offers a solution to businesses with increasing logistics needs, helping improve their operations and boost profit. In this post, you will learn why a multi carrier dispatch system saves you time and money.

What is a Multi Carrier Shipping System?

A multi carrier dispatch system is a tool that helps you automate your shipment decisions. It allows you to compare quotes and services of multiple carriers, track your shipment in real time, monitor deliveries, minimise errors, and reduce freight costs.

The market is ever-evolving, and competition has become fiercer than ever. With technology, customers can now buy products from anywhere in the country and have them shipped right to their doorstep. Quality and quick—this is the name of the game.

The Problem with Single Carriers

The logic behind multi carrier shipping is simple: it is the opposite of having your own freight unit or using a single carrier. But what is the problem with single carriers, you might ask. Single carriers use fleets of trucks to carry goods to be delivered to customers. While this is obviously all right, the problem lies in whether a certain carrier is suitable to transport your goods from point A to point B.

Parcels and pallets require different systems and carriers. For example, a particular carrier may be the best choice for transporting goods from Sydney to Adelaide but not from Melbourne to Brisbane. One carrier may specialise in handling certain goods, and another carrier may specialise in air or road transport. While single carriers may proclaim to offer diverse services and have an extensive range, they can not be experts at everything.

Benefits of Multi Carrier Shipping Software

A multi carrier freight management system boasts of numerous benefits.

It is Cost-Efficient

How much a shipment costs is based on several factors, including the parcel’s size and weight, target destination, and delivery times. The carrier that offers the best quote for a certain route and time frame may not be the best choice for another route and time frame.

A multi carrier dispatch system allows you to compare real-time quotes of different carriers. Moreover, Australian freight management software like Cario lets you automate based on the lowest cost. This ensures you get only the most affordable shipping option for each package.

It Improves Operational Efficiency

Multi carrier systems ease you of manual operations and save you time. Instead of manually comparing carrier rates, An Australian transport management system such as Cario provides you with all relevant costs and information. Instead of directly asking your carrier about your shipments, it gives you access to all your freight data and allows you to track shipments easily. Instead of manually ensuring freight regulations are followed, it reduces the processes and lessens paperwork.

With Australian freight management software, you can choose the best carrier out of multiple available ones in just one click. As a result, your packages are transported and delivered much faster at a more affordable rate and convenient manner.

It Minimises Human Error

With a multi carrier system, modern logistics software does all the work. It automates your freight decisions and eliminates a myriad of problems concerning shipments. This results in reduced human error that can cost money and time.

It is Safer and More Cyber-Secured

Relying on a single carrier makes you vulnerable to business disruption. Like any business, carriers are at risk of cyber-attacks and tech failures, not to mention the threat of COVID-19. Any of these occurrences can result in the delay of deliveries, and you have no choice but to bear the consequences. Businesses may have to deal with dissatisfied customers, break off contracts, and lose millions of dollars of revenue.

On the other hand, an Australian transport management system like Cario removes this risk. Cario operates independently of carriers’ systems, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted operation and provide a service better than those that use a single carrier.

It Enhances Customer Experience

Through a tracking freight portal, multi carrier freight systems allow customers to see the status of their package by just typing in their tracking number. This saves them time and eliminates the need to call the shipper for a tracking freight update.

Moreover, multi carrier dispatch platform makes the process of returns easier. Generally, the business or shipper is expected to shoulder the return’s shipping cost. It is then important that the carrier cost for returning a package is affordable. With the platform, the customer can choose the most suitable and affordable carrier for the return.

Your Takeaway

Having a freight department or directly employing a carrier may have worked years ago. Today, businesses are wiser when it comes to their freight decisions. A multi carrier freight system improves operational efficiency, enhances customer experience, and provides more security, all while minimising cost. Knowing why a multi carrier dispatch system saves you time and money should be more than enough to realise a freight management system like Cario may be your best investment yet. Click here to get in touch with us today!