Why Australian businesses need multiple carriers – and a Freight Management System to manage them

A lot of companies tend to lean towards one carrier for all their delivery options, but this is not always the best option for your company. The reason your business should use multiple carriers is simple, you get the best price for what you are sending, by accessing the best freight carrier for your type of freight – parcel, pallet, medical, sensitive, dangerous goods etc.

When using our freight management system, Cario, you will see that we use multiple carriers. This allows you to utilise a range of carriers when you have parcels or pallets that vary in weight, dimensions or special handling requirements.

Not all carriers service all areas, so when you are entering the destination, our online freight solution will not only provide you with different prices but provide you with freight carriers that can deliver to those areas. Your business will have a range of carriers that can provide you with the service you require. All you need to do is select the freight carrier you want or the price you prefer in our online freight system.

Naturally, carriers will have individual benefits and cater to different freight profiles so restricting yourself to one carrier means you’re only getting the best of one service, however, using multiple carriers in our transport management system means you can offer the best customer experience possible, ensuring your parcels are delivered on time with the most competitive rates.

Don’t limit your business to one service when you can choose from multiple carriers and in turn choose how your customer’s experience turns out.