Why Use A Freight Management System?

What Is Freight Management

Freight Management is the process of sending freight in the most efficient and cost effective way, using a variety of transport methods. Online Freight Management systems enable you to do this in a seamless and transparent way, optimising the route and carriers based in the freight profile and requirements.

When To Use a Freight Management System

Many Australian businesses send freight around Australia and overseas every day. When businesses are sending freight to different areas, or different types of freight, it is more cost effective to use different carriers. Using different carriers becomes more complex for a company, with different systems and processes. A freight management system allows you to use the one system to optimise every freight consignment, without introducing complexity.

How Freight Management Can Help Manage Your Logistics

There are many benefits and reasons as to why you should use our Freight Management system. It is centralised and everything you require to manage your business’s freight, from creating a connote, tracking a connote even down to invoicing is all in our Transport management system.

Our TMS helps companies move freight from origin to destination efficiently, reliably, and cost effectively, anyone from your Customer service Team, Sales Team and Store people can use Cario. The way our freight management has been built is so that anyone can use this, you don’t need to be Tech savvy, the hard work has been done on our end to make life easier on your end.

Why Choose Cario’s Transportation Management System

When you use our Transport Management System with reporting and analytics you are able to see the impact of your choices within our TMS. For example, let’s say you were shipping a carton, and at the time of processing the shipment, you have a carrier you can choose based on time of transit and cost of shipping, you decide to choose one carrier over another, because it’s the lowest cost, which naturally is your preferred choice.

On several other occasions you choose another carrier, not because they are the cheapest but because they can get it there faster. After a month goes by, you decide to use the reporting capability in our TMS, you can then see that although you chose the cheaper carrier, they only delivered the freight 70% of the time, on time. However, the other carrier you chose on several occasions got the freight there on time 100%.

This has saved your company time and money and you know based on our reporting and analytics, although that carrier you chose on several occasions is a little more, they got it there 100% on time.

This is just one of the reasons why you should use our Freight Management System, Cario, one of the best in the market. For more information, please get in touch with us today!