Why use an online freight management system?

You do not need to be a tech savy to understand, realise and accept that we live in a world that relies more and more on technology.

Facebook, Insta, Twitter, Tik Tok, Google driver, Cloud, and many other online platforms are where this and the next generation is heading.

In transport, it is the same.

Yes, the freight is tangible, yes we need people to operate the forklift, the warehouse and drive the trucks.

However, all the data behind the shipment, from the picking order to dispatch, pickup and delivery is all based online.

It is way better not to have to rely on the old fashion pen and paper, and allow for human mistakes when selecting which carrier to use.

Not having to switch between 10 carriers to create connotes and book pickups, saves your company time and money.

This is where a Freight Management system comes in play.

Cario, is a new and improved online freight solution, which will help you with reducing your freight cost.

The Freight management system allows you to have control of your order, giving you a broad overview on all the consignments, the cost, the eta and proof of delivery.

Cario selects the best rates and provides you the best option to select from.

It is also helpful for the accounts department, having all invoices in one portal making it easy for reconciliation.

The system will integrate with your own dispatch/warehouse/picking system, to have the orders flow through.

Everything you need to run your business in one online freight platform. Nice and simple, easy to use! Make better business decisions with Cario.