Automation In Logistics

Automation. It’s a widely-used buzzword these days. But what is automation?

Automation is the use of technology or systems to improve efficiency and increase productivity with minimal or no human intervention. It’s a move that many businesses have yet to take advantage of. Companies that use automation today will find themselves on the leading edge of innovation. Those who don’t may miss out on an opportunity to improve their operations.

In this blog post, let’s explore what automation means for your business and why it’s so important for productivity in freight and logistics.

What Does Automated Logistics Look Like?

Automated logistics systems are not just software—they’re also hardware, algorithms, and people.

Many people are unaware that automation is already affecting freight and logistics. In fact, the speed at which we can now move goods from A to B has never been faster.

Automatic couriers are becoming increasingly common and are being used by many businesses in both big cities as well as small towns across the country. These automated delivery services allow you to send parcels anywhere in your area with just one click, making life easier for everyone involved!

Logistics software has become a necessity for companies to perform numerous tasks, including:

  • Tracking shipments using barcode readers or RFID tags on each item, including both inbound and outbound shipping
  • Managing inventory levels based on shipment data collected
  • Optimising routes using real-time updates

Key Benefits of Automated Logistics Systems

Automated logistics systems offer numerous benefits to companies

Minimise Labour Costs

The first and most obvious benefit of automation is that it can greatly reduce the need for human labour. Businesses that implemented automated systems see a significant decrease in their workforce, which allows them to focus on other areas like product development and customer service. Further, automation systems help cut down on the cost of fuel, saving you money in the long run.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity

Automation can help improve efficiency within your business, including increasing your throughput rates and reducing production times. Studies show that employees who work in an environment with high levels of automation tend to perform better than those who don’t. This means that you’ll get more out of your team members by investing in this kind of technology.

Better Customer Service

Enhanced productivity and fewer errors convert to better service. Automated logistics systems give customers what they want—quick turnaround times and accurate freight details at any given time. Shopping becomes much more convenient, which means fewer headaches between buyers & sellers.

Safer Freight Transport

Automated logistics systems reduce the number of accidents caused by human error or poor judgment. Automation systems can help prevent theft by tracking goods throughout their lifecycle. Tracking inventory levels is also important for companies because they have to make sure there is enough stock on hand.

Challenges in Freight Automation

The logistics sector is increasingly embracing automation. However, companies also face some challenges along the way.

Automation can be expensive. A company that automates its freight operations will likely pay a higher price for the equipment and support required to implement the automation. Fortunately, freight management software like Cario provides all the benefits of freight automation without the usually associated high cost.

Automation often leads to job loss, especially in the short term. The increased efficiency brought about by automation may result in less work for human workers. Overall, it means fewer jobs, especially for small businesses that can’t afford to hire more people to absorb any automation-related losses. Unfortunately, this type of scenario happens more often than not.

Self-driving freight is still in development. The technology is already here, and it’s being tested in some areas of transportation. However, many questions about how self-driving trucks will work and what impact they will have on trucking as a whole still need definite answers.

The Future of Automated Logistics

Freight and logistics automation will be the norm in the future.

The next step in automated freight is self-driving trucks. Self-driving vehicles can help increase efficiency and safety, reduce accidents, minimise emissions, and save money on labour costs.

Due to these benefits, companies like Uber are looking to invest millions into developing self-driving technology for trucking applications. Companies like Amazon have already integrated it into their delivery process.

Self-driving trucks will make trucking safer for drivers and passengers alike. These autonomous trucks may help reduce accident rates because they are programmed to follow a set route without deviating from it. They also have sensors that allow them to detect objects in their path and avoid them if possible.

Further, self-driving vehicles can improve safety on the road because they travel at slower speeds. There’s less risk of hitting another vehicle or object while driving down the road.

This can mean positive things to your business. Fewer accidents mean less downtime for repairs, fewer fatalities can mean fewer insurance claims, and fewer injuries translate to lower healthcare costs overall.

Automate Your Distribution and Enhance Efficiency with Cario

Today’s businesses are the result of the hard work of many different people in the supply chain. When sending freight, however, you may face several challenges, such as dealing with different carriers and systems, costly manual operations, and poor customer service.

As Australia’s leading freight management system, Cario helps take your business to higher levels with freight management automation.

The system takes care of all your freight tasks for you—choosing carriers based on cost or location, tracking and tracing goods in real-time, accessing freight insights and analytics, and collaborating with your team better in just one single system.

Cario can save you time and money, minimise human errors, and improve customer experience in no time. With its advanced features and multiple integrations, it’s the best way to automate your fulfilment operations.

Automated freight and logistics systems are already changing the industry, but for the better. Ready to take the leap? Contact us and let Cario help you today!