Benefits of Advanced Shipping Notice

What is an Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN)

The modern society we live in calls for ways to make the lives of people better and more convenient. One way for businesses to step up their game and catch up with the modern global supply chain is Advanced Shipping Notice or ASN.

Advanced shipping notice benefits both the sender and receiver—a distributor, retailer, or consumer.

For the sender, ASN can be a powerful tool to improve customer service and boost sales.

For the receiver, an ASN minimises delivery uncertainty by sending alerts on the estimated date and time of delivery. It also serves as a communication medium between the sender or carrier and the receiver.

But is it worth utilising advanced shipping notice software for your business? What is the advanced shipping notice definition? Let’s find out below.

What is Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN)

Advance Shipping Notice or ASN is a notice of an upcoming delivery that is electronically sent to the buyer. Think of ASN as a message that the vendor sends out to notify the buyer that the order placed is now on the way to the delivery location.

As implied by the word ‘advanced’, the ASN is sent prior to the shipment of a package. The notification is then followed by an electronic invoice after or at the time of the delivery. ASN is usually from a third-party logistics (3PL) or if there is no 3PL partner involved, the supplier or seller themselves.

The format for an advanced shipping notice may vary from sender to sender, but it usually contains information that is important for both the sender and the receiving party. It also answers questions that the buying party may ask.

An advanced shipping notice example includes the following information:

  • Order details, including a tracking number – What order has been shipped?
  • Date and time of delivery – When will the order arrive?
  • Product details – What items and how many are being shipped?
  • Location information – Where will the order be delivered?
  • Barcodes or codes for an easy and convenient receipt – How can I receive the order?
  • Pallet codes or freight information, if any

Today, advanced shipping notice software is used by businesses as a part of their supply chain operations to increase efficiency and enhance customer experience. It is one of the many reasons why use a freight management system.

Benefits of Advanced Shipping Notice for the Receiver

Real Time tracking

Once they have placed an order, retailers and consumers expect real-time updates on order status. This can be due to various reasons:

  • To enhance order and inventory visibility.
  • To manage inventory while improving customer satisfaction.
  • To maximise their budgets.

ASN provides details on the estimated delivery date and time of order. It also shows a tracking number, which the receiver can use to track consignments especially if time is of the essence.

Dispatching Certainty

The receiver is immediately informed of the dispatched order through an automated ASN. The consignment is now en route to the delivery location, making the process certain and confirmed. The receiving party now has transparency about the estimated date and time of arrival.

However, the ASN does not just confirm that your order is on its way to you—it also confirms the order fulfillment. ASN, therefore, allows retailers to confidently update inventory systems or adjust open-to-buy budgets. It also assures end consumers that the final order has been confirmed.

Most clients are on-the-go and use multiple devices for business. In this case, ASN via SMS is an ideal option to provide automated order alerts.

Direct Communication

An ASN usually includes more details than just “your package is on its way”. And whether it is from a business or a carrier, the alert indicates the name of both.

With that information, the receiver can directly contact the carrier or the sender for any additional information or update they want to ask for. If there is an issue that needs to be raised or changes that should be implemented, the receiver can contact the sender directly and conveniently.

Benefits of Advanced Shipping Notice for the Sender

Customer Service Efficiency Gains

Customer service makes a lasting impression, and that’s whether yours is poor or outstanding. An ASN is a great way to bring customer service efficiency to a higher level.

By informing the customer when their package will arrive, an ASN can be a means for the sender to enhance the customer experience. With that notification minimising uncertainty, the receiver can plan accordingly and make wiser decisions.

When customer service is good, customers are happy and satisfied. And when customers are happy and satisfied, the business benefits. We’re talking about higher competitive advantage, better business reputation, repeat business, and more sales and profit, among others.

Dispatching Certainty

If there’s one thing an ASN gets rid of, it’s uncertainty. An advanced shipping notice is the ultimate confirmation of order fulfilment. It means that the order is final—it has been packed and shipped or is ready to ship.

In some cases, a business won’t or cannot cancel a consignment once an ASN has already been sent. Other times, the sender needs to adjust the estimated delivery date and time due to certain circumstances. In this case, an ASN also does the job of notifying the receiver about the delay and the new date and time of delivery.

Potential Sale Opportunities

ASN can help a business not just improve customer service efficiency but sell more products and increase sales. An ASN is a fantastic avenue to share discount vouchers, product catalogues, or promotional materials like newsletters and video tutorials. You can send them as an attachment with the ASN.

How Cario Uses Advanced Shipping Notice

One of the many benefits of freight management software is advanced shipping notice. Gone are the days when businesses perform their operations manually. Yes, including ASN’s!

Cario is an advanced freight management software that automates your freight decisions, making the process simpler and smarter.
Cario simplifies the quoting, booking, and tracking of your freight through multiple providers while also providing transparency of costs and insights. It uses advanced shipping notice (ASN) for real-time tracking by customers, thus improving customer service that benefits your business in return.

Know more about how Cario’s advanced shipping notice benefits and other features can profit your business. Contact us now to learn more.