Exploring Excellence in Supply Chain and Logistics: The ASCLA Conference 2023

ASCLA brings together experts, thought leaders, and logistics professionals to delve into the latest trends, challenges, and innovations shaping the supply chain and logistics industry.

The Australian Supply Chain and Logistics Association (ASCLA) hosted its annual awards ceremony, a premier event for professionals in the field, on November 10, 2023, in Sydney. This gathering brings together experts, thought leaders, and logistics professionals to delve into the latest trends, challenges, and innovations shaping the supply chain and logistics industry.

The awards ceremony encourages businesses and individuals to nominate themselves over various Award categories, a few being Industry Excellence, Future Leaders, Supply Chain Management, Automation, Robotics or Emerging Technologies, and Environmental Excellence. The ASCLA Environmental Excellence Award, in particular, acknowledges corporate leadership or projects within our industry that contribute to environmental corporate responsibility, the circular economy, and the protection of the environment. This was a great opportunity to nominate the Cario team along with Swinburne University for the development of the Cario Carbon Calculator.

Our Cario Carbon calculator started as a project in 2020 for undergraduate students at Swinburne, Cario saw promise in the prototype. Taking learnings from Swinburne researchers and students, Cario’s data scientists were able to build upon their learnings and independently develop a more sophisticated carbon calculator that can calculate how much CO2 is emitted per consignment for freight businesses across Australia.

In May 2023, Swinburne University of Technology and Cario collaborated through an undergraduate program to develop the Carbon Calculator. This online tool assists businesses in comprehending their scope 3 carbon emissions, enabling them to make more informed decisions when consigning their freight. For instance, it can help reduce emissions by choosing a rail service over a road service.

With Cario up against some top industry leaders and retailers, such as CEVA Logistics, Winning Group, and Officeworks, it was a fantastic achievement to see our team as a finalist for the Environmental Excellence Award.

Members of both our Melbourne and Sydney teams and a few guest customers attended the awards ceremony at the Fullerton Hotel. Sai from our development team said, “The evening gave him insight and appreciation of the importance logistics play in different aspects of everyday life and how technology and AI are changing the industry.”

Matthew Sommers, Customer Success Manager, accepted the "Environmental Excellence High Commendation Award" on behalf of the team. Matthew expressed his gratitude towards ASCLA as he received the award from Kyle Rogers, the Independent Director of SCLAA. He remarked, "It is an honour to accept this award, which reflects the dedication and hard work of the Cario and Swinburne University teams. The applause from the audience of 500 when receiving the award highlights the importance of sustainability in the supply chain and logistics industry. I look forward to seeing more organisations collaborate with Cario to enhance their environmental consciousness."

Dave Evans, CEO commented “There is a real demand from our customers to understand and manage their carbon emissions, to ensure they can be a good corporate citizen. By utilising the carbon calculator, our customers can make decisions not just based on cost and service, but also carbon emissions, actively setting themselves reduction targets”

To find out more about our award-winning Carbon Calculator and how we can calculate your carbon emissions click here