Cario FMS Features


Multi carrier, Automated SaaS transport platform. Compare carriers, track freight, manage performance.
Delight your customers with a personalised customer experience.



Access multiple carriers through the one platform, and ensure your freight is optimised in real time for each job. Optimise based on price, time, or service level, to ensure you have control over the freight carrier you want to use.

Ensure you stop logging into multiple carrier websites – instead access all your carriers in the one place to compare rates, book freight and track your orders. Eliminate manual quoting and comparison.



Integrate Cario into your supply chain, with real time integration into your ERP and/or WMS. Enable data to flow seamlessly throughout your organisation, to reduce errors through manual entry, and improve processing times. Orders can flow through directly into your ERP and/or WMS for a single source of truth. Alternatively, Cario can be your single source of truth with data from your ERP / WMS.

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Reporting and Analysis

Real time freight data and analytics. Analyse your freight costs, what you spend on freight lanes, and on which freight carriers. Compare freight performance between carriers, by lane. Gain insights on your customers, which customers are costly to service and track customer freight trends over time. Monitor your freight by exceptions.

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Customer Experience

Proactively inform your customers of their freight status, and help keep your support costs down. Personalise your marketing communications with your customers. Provide your customers with a choice of carrier to meet their individual needs – or automate this choice to the best option for each order.

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Automate your shipping process to ensure the best freight choice is always made based on the freight lane and freight type. Choose to either give control to your warehouse / fulfilment team, or automate this process so that management have full control over freight choices.

Automatically generate shipping labels, send standardised freight status updates to customers, and flag exceptions for action.

Automatically identify any invoice reconciliation discrepancies, so you can investigate any exceptions.

Save time and money through automation of your supply chain.
Single platform provides you with control and visibility of your complete supply chain.

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