Real time integration with your ERP or WMS

Fully integrate your existing ERP and/or WMS with Cario. Enable complete order data to flow directly from your ERP or WMS. Full integration allows your team to utilise their existing systems, with the benefits of the Cario multi carrier solution. This can include quoting, consigning and labelling, all through your existing system. Orders can flow from your existing systems directly through to Cario, with correct Purchase order numbers and any special instructions, and enable the warehouse to pick, pack and label from your existing systems. This reduces the time, costs and errors associated with manual double entry of data. 

Support sales team in accurately quoting freight 

Support your sales team with being able to provide accurate freight quotes with their sales quotes to prospects. This can be done through API integrations back into your ERP, enabling your team to complete their quote from within your ERP system. This quote can be stored in your ERP and referenced when consigning to ensure a like to like service is used when dispatching. This reduces margin erosion across your orders.

Save time with a single view of your customer

Integration saves your team costs and time associated with accessing different internal systems.  It ensures no discrepancies in information. Freight information from Cario is sent back to your ERP or reporting system so you have a single view of your customer. This allows you to make better business decisions as you have visibility on areas like cost to serve. It also avoids your team having to log into various systems to get tracking information, Proof of Deliveries etc. 

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