IoT Freight Tracking

Are you a small or large company in Australia, looking for an integrated solution to track your freight? We have the solution for you – our freight tracking software enables you to follow and optimise the shipment of your goods.

Freight Tracking 

At Cario, we know the complexity of logistics and freight and the importance of keeping track of your product’s movements. This is why we have created a freight management system to support you in maintaining and following all movement data.

We’ve created easy access and analysis so you can increase efficiency, manage and track all transportation movements and decrease human errors too.

It’s time to take control of your freight’s movements now. 

Freight tracking software has revolutionised the transportation, shipping, carrying and freight industries in Australia. We understand that managing transportation of both small and large shipments is a challenging task. There are many factors that can impact transportation, including your staff, drivers, clients, movements and potential road-blocks. We created intelligent software with IoT freight tracking built-in so you can ensure you maintain satisfied customers in Australia’s increasingly busy and competitive freight industry. 

Excite your customers by enabling them to access real time online tracking for their shipments. Through your customer self serving, this reduces inbound calls to your customers service team, saving you time and money

What Is IoT Freight Tracking?

IoT stands for The Internet Of Things, and it’s transforming the transportation industry across Australia. This intelligent system enables businesses to follow, track and get real-time information of all vehicles which means you can make better decisions with movements, save time and reduce your costs as well. This intelligent system allows businesses to take control of all fleet operations because you can select the best routes and get real-time updates. These updates tell drivers where they can avoid traffic and accidents, which means you’re reducing fuel consumption, saving time and reducing your costs.

Benefits Of Freight Tracking

Reduce Time. If you’re like most people in the transportation industry then you’ll understand things can go wrong. Such as your fleet getting stuck in traffic jams, accidents or peak hour, technical difficulties, or driver mistakes. Tracking software lets you update routes in real-time to avoid delays, while advanced analytics gives you feedback which means you can make smarter decisions moving forward.

Improve your online solution by integrating and calling the Cario solution. This will enable your solution to present real time freight pricing, as well as real time tracking through your own website / online solution giving a truly unified experience.